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PostSubject: XxAyumaxX {Shinigami}   Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:34 pm

Name: Ayuma

Age: 943

Gender: Male

Appearance: purple skin, tall ruffly 8'2, long arms (like most shinigami) that end with thick claws, arms are coverd in wrapping as well as his chest, half his face and right eye. on his back he has torn black angle wings, he has spiked collar around his neck, spiked cuffs around his wrists and ankles...

He can also morph in to a human lick apperence...

Personality: Ayuma is a reliable friend, romantic, smetimes quite witty and always ironical, polite and considerate in manner; stubborn, impulsive, sincere and unselfish by nature he always comes to the rescue. Being tolerant, he always tries to understand people around him. He would always prefer to die better than to betray his friends (if he had any or so he thought) . Being quite strong, he’s completely untroubled by his own safety
Fighting, drawing and invention are his Obsessions. He can not stand hypocrisy, falsity and disrespect.

Likes: drawing, listening to his thought in silence, purple, black, dead roses

Dislikes: loud noises, live flowers, annoyance, rudeness, begging,

Bio:Ayuma is rather in the middle according to age group in the shinigami realm... Ayuma has never even touched the air the surrounds the human world, not even once. He was bound to his job as a bringer of death, and always sat by the observation holes of the realm watching for Anyone who might has escaped there fate..

he became rather boring and to talk with, and not meny of the other shinigamis liked talking to him. he didn't really mind though. he only need his work and his silent thoughts to keep him company. though he'd laugh at the human for doing the stupidest of things, such as, tipping, falling of skate boards, walking into to polls.. for some reason there pain made him smile and chuckle under the wrapping upon his face, he has wikked humor that not much understand, but again he doesn't mind.

Time would pass along smoothly and he would always do his same old routine. day in and day out sitting in front of an observation hole doing his thing. one day he thought to him self "what if i could change just for a while". As soon as his thought posses was over he switch them off and dropped his death note into the abyss of the human world. he then would wait for the human who would pick up his note book and experience its awesome power..

That day would have come soon... if hadn't picked it up again..

But he just wasn't ready

Sample: Ayuma sits peering into an observation hole, gazing back and forth from one hole to another, into the human realm.

Another shinigami acknowledged he content gaze and broke the stern silence of his thoughts.
"Ayu there are better things to do then just sitting there day dreaming"

a different shinigami added. "he speaks the truth Ayu, you have been sitting there all day"

Ayuma responded in his somewhat bland spoken voice "i realize this, and that may be true for you, but as for me this is quite amusing to watch."
He grinned under the wrapping covering half his face, and went back to his meaningless gaze into the
human world...
Ayuma took out his note book and began writing. he stopped and closed the note, and as he glared at it, he thought to him self, blankly staring from the note to the observation hole and back... finally he reached out, with the note in hand, over the gaping hole in fount of him, and with one final thought, he dropped the note book and grinned devilishly.

~ In The Real
World As In Dreams
Nothing Is Quite What It Seems ~

One Day
Some Way
This World Will Change
And My Power Will Finally
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