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 Tenshineko for admin

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PostSubject: Tenshineko for admin   Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:44 pm

How Long You Have Been A Moderator: Almost 2 years

How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend On DNrpg: As often as I can

Do You have Experience as an Admin: (If so please include link to website) I have no Admin experience but I've been a Mod for a while.

Why Do You Think You Should Be a Admin: (1 paragraph minimum)
I get along with other's(as long as they don't bug me all the time.) I can be pationt, if it comes to my attention if I need to post somewhere or if someone may have forgotten to post I'll remind them or send them a PM. I have roughly about 4 years of Roleplay experience as well.

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Tenshineko for admin
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